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cured sausages 5 pieces - 300g

Price €6.90

cured sambudello sausages 3 pieces - 300g

Price €6.90

piece of "soppressata" made with italian pork - 450g

Price €6.90

piece of "sbriciolona" (fennel seed salami) - 450g

Price €7.90

whole tuscan salami - 600g

Price €10.90

tuscan capocollo cured cold cut - 750g

Price €18.90

tuscan pork jowl (guanciale) - 200/1,500g

From Price €3.90

piece of boneless cured pork leg - 700g/1.5kg

From Price €12.90

piece of cured pork loin - 400g

Price €12.90

piece of flavoured lardo (pork fatback) - 600g

Price €9.90

"gòtto" - the vintner’s salami - 850g

Price €26.90

"gòtto imbroglione" (the swindler) salami - 1kg

Price €27.90

piece of "bastone del nonno" salami (grandpa's stick) - 300g

Price €8.90

piece of spicy "bastone del nonno" salami (grandpa's stick) - 300g

Price €8.90

ciauscolo salami pgi - 550g

Price €10.90

fabriano salami - 550g

Price €12.90

topside bresaola - 1kg

Price €44.90

pezzente salami slow food presidium - 300g

Price €9.90

"culatello di zibello" (central part of pig leg) pdo by podere cadassa, slow food, cleaned, halved and vacuum-packed - 1.95kg

Price €179.00

artisanal cooked "cotechino" sausage by podere cadassa, in a box - 500g

Price €12.90

"fiocchetto" (low-fat cuts of pig leg) by podere cadassa, cleaned, halved and vacuum-packed - 900g

Price €34.90

salame di varzi pdo ("short filzetta") - 450g

Price €18.90

cacciatorino di varzi pdo (salami) - 180g

Price €7.90

salame di varzi pdo (with sewn casings, small) - 1kg

Price €39.90

mortadella “favola” (fairytale), vacuum-sealed piece - 1.25kg approx.

Price €19.90

whole mortadella “favola” (fairytale) - 5kg approx.

Price €74.90

"il crespone" ‘nduja salami spread from spilinga - 400g

Price €5.90

speck alto adige pgi 1/4 flitch - 1kg approx.

Price €17.90

speck alto adige pgi inner part - approx. 450g

Price €9.90

herbed pork tenderloin - approx. 130g

Price €3.90

smoked beef - approx. 350g

Price €12.90

whole cured san daniele ham pdo with bone, “trentalune” selection, aged 18/20 months - 11kg

Price €229.00

whole cured san daniele ham pdo boneless, "trentalune" selection, aged 18/20 months - 8kg

Price €209.00

piece of cured san daniele ham pdo, “alta salumeria” selection, aged 14/15 months - 2.3kg

Price €69.90

piece of casentino grey pork salami - 600g

Price €22.90

casentino grey pork bone-in ham, minimum aging: 18 months - 9kg

Price €549.00

casentino grey pork cacciatorino salami - 200g

Price €6.90

mortadella favolina" (little fairytale) - 650g approx."

Price €10.90

parma ham pdo 'eccellenze' - aged minimum 24 months with bone - 10kg approx.

Price €319.00

parma ham pdo 'eccellenze' - aged minimum 24 months without bone - 7.5kg approx.

Price €299.00

piece of parma ham pdo 'eccellenze' - aged minimum 24 months - 1.4kg approx.

Price €59.90

organic italian ham - aged minimum 24 months with bone - 9kg approx.

Price €389.00

organic italian ham - aged minimum 24 months without bone - 7kg approx.

Price €399.00

piece of organic italian ham - aged minimum 24 months - 1.4kg approx.

Price €79.90


 All the cold cuts on sale in our online-store are the result of the expertise and know-how of both big manufacturers and small artisan shops; they are all excellent products, born out of the love and respect for quality and tradition. We have only selected sausages and cold cuts with simple ingredients that are manufactured within closed production cycles or controlled supply chains: that implies only using Italian pigs reared in the wild or ethically farmed.
Many of the sausages and cured meats on sale on Italy Bite don’t contain any lactose, gluten or glutamate. That is because most of them are produced according to old traditional recipes and in compliance with strict production rules provided by the consortia.
It’s true; in our online-store you can also purchase many PDO, PGI and Slow-Food Presidium sausages and cold cuts, such as:

  • Cured Parma Ham PDO
  • Cured San Daniele Ham PDO
  • “Culatello di Zibello” PDO
  • Chianina breed beef PGI
  • Speck Alto Adige PGI
  • Salame di Varzi PDO
  • Pezzente Salami from Matera (Slow Food Presidium)
  • Ciauscolo Salami PGI


Our clients purchase handmade sausages and cold cuts online, i.e. perishable items, knowing that the quality of these excellent products won’t be compromised during transportation. As a matter of fact, we are currently working with Stef’s refrigerated trucks to deliver our fresh products all around Italy. By doing so, the cold cuts that you purchase will leave our warehouse cold storage and reach your fridge, while always keeping a constant temperature of 4°. Even the most delicate cold cut won’t be affected!