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The best Italian Truffles online - white and black - Italy Bite



If, like us, you adore truffles, we at Italy Bite have selected the best Piedmontese and Umbrian producers. These two regions are the true home of truffles, first and foremost the white truffle of Alba. Only the finest white truffles are picked by hand, before being packed in jars, ready to be finely sliced with a truffle slicer. Remember that white truffles hate being cooked! They would lose a great deal of their intoxicating aroma, which is released to its fullest if combined with animal fats (mascarpone, cream, butter, eggs).
From Spoleto (Umbria), on the other hand, we have the finest black truffles. Delicious and fragrant, they lend themselves to being used either raw or cooked, because their aroma only intensifies when cooked. Every single truffle is checked, delicately cleaned and carefully washed, then packed in jars as they are or in a sauce. Try it on a fillet steak, as a sauce for egg tagliatelle, or to enrich the filling of ravioli or tortelli. It truly is something special!
Finally, a somewhat more accessible and slightly less valuable variety - yet delicious and aromatic nonetheless - is the summer truffle. It is also known as Scorzone and is picked between late May and early September. It can be used to prepare many recipes: grated directly over a plate of pasta, on a carpaccio of meat or fish, or atop a simple fried egg.
If, however, you prefer a truffle-flavoured oil, we have carefully selected the finest artisanal products made with handpicked Italian truffles which are cleaned with the utmost care. No artificial flavourings, just the true flavour of nature.
If you are looking for the best mushrooms and truffles onlineand want ready-made sauces for irresistible apéritifs and pasta and rice dishes, you can go wild with our selection of summer truffle pâtés, truffle sauces and mixed truffle/porcini sauces.

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la tartufata, truffle cream - 180g

Price €27.90

whole prized black truffles - 25g

Price €29.90

prized black truffle cream - 25g

Price €18.90

whole prized white truffles - 25g

Price €44.90

prized white truffle cream - 25g

Price €24.90

whole summer truffles - 25g

Price €6.90

summer truffle pâté - 50g

Price €12.90

porcini mushroom cream with truffles - 80g

Price €4.90

truffle sauce - 130/250g

From Price €5.90

summer truffle salt - 250g

Price €12.90

white truffle oil - 100ml

Price €6.90

black truffle oil - 100ml

Price €6.90

jar of whipped salt cod spread with truffle – 90g

Price €7.90

truffle pecorino cheese "tuberino" - de' magi cheese – 400g

Price €15.90

tartufo estivo a fettine - 80gr

Price €19.90