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Black pearls truffle pasta - 250 g

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Black pearls truffle pasta - 250 g Gratifico

Black pearls truffle pasta by Gratifico is a pleasure for the eyes, as well as for the palate. The dough is stretched very thin, as tradition dictates, but it has a dark colour, since it is made with walnut husks. The scent is different, too, with hints of truffle. The filling is hearty and flavourful, classic with a twist: Mortadella, dry-cured ham, pork, Parmigiano Reggiano and truffle.


Each pearl is an explosion of taste. The flavour is intense, deep and enveloping. What’s the best sauce to pair it with? Just some melted butter and perhaps some grated truffle. The pasta dough is made by only using free-range eggs and the filling contains actual delicacies such as 30-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano – every ingredient of these Tortellini is a testament to the attention they devote to the choice of ingredients and the unique skills they possess in the pasta-making craft.


Gratifico is a pasta factory from Bologna: rooted in local pasta-making tradition, they make classic or innovative fresh pasta that is always exceptional. Artisan craft is combined with cutting-edge technologies and the highest quality and safety standards. Ingredient research together with traditional pasta-making techniques result in a pasta whose name evokes the gratification that we feel upon eating it.


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