I Commensali

I Commensali
were born in 2012 with the experience gained by personally raising beef cattle and pigs in the wild and thanks to a passion for good and healthy food, we transform our butcher a point of reference for connoisseurs, products of excellence without compromise, just high quality, with the right degree of maturation to offer unparalleled sensory experiences without neglecting the health of the product, which is essential for us.

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bollito misto, italian mixed boiled meat - 1/1.5/2kg

From Price €14.90

casentino grey pork bone-in ham, minimum aging: 18 months - 9kg

Price €549.00

casentino grey pork cacciatorino salami - 200g

Price €6.90

casentino grey pork fresh rigatino belly, sliced - 500g

Price €7.90

casentino grey pork fresh scamerita (pork neck), sliced - 600g

Price €11.90

casentino grey pork loin - 1kg

Price €19.90

casentino grey pork sausage - 0.5/1/2kg

From Price €9.90

casentino grey pork steaks - 750g

Price €13.90

chianina rib steak - only tenderloin - 1/1.5/2kg

From Price €53.90

chianina t-bone steak with tenderloin - 1/1.5/2kg

From Price €54.90

italian rib-eye steak - only sirloin - 1/1.5/2kg

From Price €28.90

italian t-bone steak - 1/1.5/2 kg

From Price €29.90

mixed grill platter of casentino grey pork - 6 people - 2.35 kg approx.

Price €39.90

ossobuco, italian cross-cut shank of adult bovine - 1/1.5/2kg

From Price €16.90

piece of casentino grey pork salami - 600g

Price €22.90

spezzatino, italian beef stew - 1/1.5/2kg

From Price €19.90