Rice, a common ingredient in every diet around the world, could seem far too ordinary and banal. Quite on the contrary, the company Acquerello produces a one-of-a-kind rice variety. Acquerello rice can be described as being both white rice and whole-grain rice at the same time, since it combines the white rice ease of cooking and the nutrition benefits of whole-grain rice: a winning combination to obtain the perfect rice.

The Colombara estate, headquarters of the Acquerello company, is where the magic happens. In this ancient hostel for wayfarers, rice cultivation started in 1400. This estate is indeed located in the Vercelli plain, in Piedmont, which is historically devoted to rice cultivation. Huge water pools are scattered around the area in which the typical rice field fauna lives: frogs, herons, dragonflies etc. Respecting this delicate ecosystem and its fauna is paramount for the production of high-quality rice. environment protection has always been a top priority of the Acquerello company.
Acquerello rice is unique, because its manufacturing process entails as many as twenty steps. one of such steps involves a processing helix which allows to make white rice by rubbing grains one against the other, thus avoiding breakage. Rough rice ages for at least one year in refrigerated silos at a constant temperature below 15 °C. This allows stabilising starch, meaning that rice grains will release less starch during cooking and will thus increase their liquid absorption capacity. 1% of rice production is left to age for 7 years, culminating in the production of a refined rice to suit the most demanding palates. Acquerello rice is a synonym of innovation and technology. The germ - i.e. the part of the rice grain where most of the nutrients and vitamins are packed, separates from the grain during processing. thanks to a patented process, it is then re-integrated into the grain, allowing maintaining the properties of whole-grain rice in white rice, too. That’s why Acquerello rice is more nutritious, healthier and tastier.

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