Testa & Molinaro

A memory that brings with it deep knowledge, an experience that looks to tradition, a skill that does not give up meticulous craftsmanship, a passion that is renewed day after day since 1941, over half a century. A precious heritage, that of two families of butchers and prosciuttai, the Testa and the Molinaro, jealously guarded over time and revived with energetic enthusiasm by the Fantinels who still today continue to ennoble one of the emblems of gastronomic excellence of Friuli, the oldest brand of San Daniele ham. San Daniele, in the heart of Friuli, is a place lying on a hill in a morainic amphitheatre, guardian of a secret, the inimitable microclimate. Here the fresh currents from the Alps meet the humid and warm currents of the Adriatic. Here the gravelly territory crossed by the branches of Acqua del Tagliamento facilitates the continuous flow of currents particularly favourable to the natural maturation of the hams. From the choice of the animals to the final product: nothing is left to chance. The meticulous attention paid to the processing of the meat is entrusted to experts who assess the thighs according to precise control criteria. The production process takes time, the time it takes to achieve true excellence. In the factory, in fact, the spontaneous cycle of the seasons is followed with the ideal temperatures for the perfect transformation of the raw materials. It begins with the selection of the raw material after which there are salting and long periods of rest in ventilated environments where a gentle breeze caresses the hams with a constant beneficial massage that promotes the "breathing". All that remains to be done is to wait. THE CURRENT, the calm, priceless virtue that rewards. The rhythms are reduced to a minimum and the rest is prolonged for over 13 months so as to preserve, in each slice, the enveloping aroma and the unmistakable sweetness of the raw San Daniele PDO. A guarantee embossed on hams with a typical guitar shape, branded by the Consortium.

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piece of cured san daniele ham pdo, “alta salumeria” selection, aged 14/15 months - 2.3kg

Price €69.90

whole cured san daniele ham pdo boneless, "trentalune" selection, aged 18/20 months - 8kg

Price €219.00

whole cured san daniele ham pdo with bone, “trentalune” selection, aged 18/20 months - 11kg

Price €239.00