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CasArrigoni makes great traditional cheeses from Lombardy: PDO Gorgonzola cheese, PDO Taleggio cheese, Quartirolo, PDO Strachitunt and Stracchino di Vedeseta are some of the delicacies that we have selected.

Apart from taking care of cheese production, CasArrigoni is also a family of great cheese refiners. They still comply with tradition and Stracchino is still aged like it used to back in the days: in pinewood cases, enveloped by cotton cloths and cleaned by hand with water and Sicilian salt once a week.

The ripening period is very long: cheeses need time to develop a unique taste; that’s especially the case for raw-milk cheeses, rich in scents from the pastures.

This company is deeply tied to the territory; that means that they not only make great traditional cheeses from Lombardy, but they also work on a daily basis with local shepherds and cheese-makers.

The CasArrigoni’s employees are paramount in the production of these unique cheeses. This company’s values are deep, genuine and are perfectly embodied by the cheeses that this company makes every day.