Salumi Bisesti

The Bisesti cured meat factory is a young business building its work on the experience of master butchers, as a guarantee of authenticity and respect of tradition. This company has managed to perfectly combine innovation with tradition to achieve exceptional quality standards when producing typical cold cuts of Latium

Nowadays, in the company’s modern and operational facility in Pomezia, cured meat specialties of Latium are produced according to traditional processing methods; these products include pork loin, Coppiette pork jerky, pork belly, pork jowl and many kinds of salami, such as the delicious spicy Ventricina and the Corallina salami.

By selecting the best pig holdings with proficiency and professionalism, this company guarantees the highest-quality pork. As a matter of fact, Bisesti Charcuterie only uses Italian pork for their products. 

The delicate aging process takes places in cellars equipped with sophisticated ventilation systems and monitored by computer-controlled single units, allowing constantly checking each step of the process.

Bisesti cured meat factory also focuses on the health-related and nutritional value of its products, making sure that even people with specific food allergies can enjoy them all. All their products are indeed gluten and lactose free; moreover, the high production standards and strict veterinary controls allow using less salt.

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coppiette pork jerky - 200g

Price €9.90

corallina salami - 300g

Price €5.90

spicy ventricina salami – 750g

Price €14.90