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Dried & Dehydrated fruit


Drying and roasting are two very old preservation techniques which have been used for centuries across Italy to make the best use of nature’s fruits without any waste. Both allow you to avoid the use of chemicals or preservatives, using instead only the strength of heat, and both are carried out with skill by passionate artisans.
Between mushrooms, hazelnuts and capers, in this section of our e-store we sell typical Italian food onlinewith a bold and authentic flavour, thanks to the fact that they are traditionally producedin a way that fully respects their seasonality.
Our dried porcini mushrooms are dried as soon as they are picked. As such, their freshness is completely preserved, and it blooms once more when they are rehydrated to be used in a whole range of preparations. They are perfect for enriching a meat or vegetable ragù, or adding a little something extra to a roast or a grain soup. These are fantastic treats from the forest that are processed exclusively by hand to preserve their integrity and intense aroma.
The intensely savoury flavour of capers of Pantelleria is unmatched. Whether crispy, in oil, in salt or powdered, they add a gourmet touch to both traditional and innovative recipes. And why not also try out juicy, meaty caperberries - the fruit of the caper bush - and their leaves? Forget the sour taste of capers from the supermarket. True capers of Pantelleria PGI are inimitable little green gems which provide a burst of flavour to any dish without overwhelming the flavour of the other ingredients. Meaty little nuggets to delight the palate.
In our catalogue of typical Italian food online, one of the true highlights must be our fantastic Piedmontese hazelnuts. Our Piedmontese hazelnuts PGI come from the hazel groves of the Alta Langa, where the altitude and the influence of the “Marino” - the sea breeze which brings precious minerals with it - make these nuts perfectly flavoursome. They are available whole, crushed, ground or as a paste, so they are ready to use for a whole range of sweet or savoury recipes.

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Piedmont Hazelnuts PGI Alta Langa – Whole and roasted – 250g

Price €10.90

PGI Piedmont hazelnut from Alta Langa flour - 250g

Price €10.90

Pure Hazelnut Spread PGI from Alta Langa - 200g

Price €9.90

Piedmont PGI hazelnuts Alta Langa, finely chopped - 250g

Price €10.90

Freeze-dried capers - 6g

Price €12.90

Crispy capers - 30g

Price €8.99

Crumbled dried caper berries - 40g

Price €10.90

Zibibbo raisins on the bunch - 250g

Price €12.90

“Extra” Dried Porcini Mushrooms - 40g

Price €19.90

Crispy dried sweet peppers - 15 g

Price €3.90

Chopped PDO Bronte pistachios - 100g

Price €12.90

Shelled PDO Bronte Pistachios - 250g

Price €24.90

Baked peperoni cruschi crispy dried bell peppers - 15g

Price €3.90

Italian, whole black garlic - 60g

Price €14.90

Organic Toritto almonds – 500 gr

Price €16.90

Aglione Fresco 500gr

Price €12.90