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A simple ingredient, yes, but one that has shaped the history of Italian food culture: flour. Bread, pasta and focaccia are to be found on dinner tables around the world. Everyday foods which, by their very nature, deserve to be of the highest quality.
If you are looking for the best Italian flours online, you’re in the right place, because for Italy Bite we have searched out - from the vast number of products produced all over Italy - the finest, most genuine products in the whole country. 
We have carefully selected ancient grain flours, such as the Verna, Antico Sieve and Andriolo varieties of wheat, Monococco spelt, and Senatore Cappelli durum wheat, a long-stemmed, low-yield variety selected in the early 1900s which has a high protein content. 
Why choose flours of ancient grains? Out of curiosity towards different flavours, and because they are high in nutrients which are good and healthy for the body. For example, the flour of Andriolo wheat is rich in polyphenols with an antioxidant action. Verna wheat, on the other hand, is an ancient variety grown in Tuscany in the Chiana valley (Valdichiana) with a low gluten content - although it is not suitable for coeliacs - which has not undergone any type of mutation, and so our body is able to assimilate it more easily.
Our flours are all stoneground and certified organic. Because the cultivation of wheat and its transformation into flour in the mill are both activities that have always been tightly linked to the area of production, we prefer local, zero-kilometre flours. 
Ground PGI Piedmont hazelnuts are a whole other story. These hazelnuts come from the hazel groves of the Alta Langa, where the altitude and the influence of the “Marino” - the sea breeze which brings precious minerals with it - make these nuts perfectly flavoursome. Excellent for traditional pastry preparations where the flavour of hazelnut is key.

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PGI Piedmont hazelnut from Alta Langa flour - 250g

Price €10.90

Einkorn wheat flour - ORGANIC – 500g

Price €4.90

Ancient Verna common wheat flour - ORGANIC - 1Kg

Price €3.90

Durum wheat flour Senatore Cappelli - ORGANIC - 1Kg

Price €5.90

Ancient Sieve common wheat flour - ORGANIC - 1Kg

Price €4.90

Chestnut flour – 225g

Price €10.90

“Taragna” polenta flour – 1 kg

Price €6.30