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Five servings of fruits and vegetables per day is the recommended minimum amount to improve the wellbeing of your body and mind. This corresponds to about 600 grams and should include all five healthy colours: red-orange, white, blue-purple, green and yellow. For many, though, managing to consume them is often quite a feat!
There is an easy, fun and tasty way to make sure you get your fill of the vitamins and other valuable nutrients that only fruits and vegetables can give you: extracts and concentrated juices.
If you prefer to make your own juices or smoothies, you can add a burst of wellness by adding two teaspoons of pure extracts of your choice from: blackcurrant, wild blueberry, sea buckthorn berries and goji berries. They are the perfect example of how the simplicity of nature is often an excellent ally for the wellbeing of the body.
If, however, you prefer fruit juices and extracts that you can keep in the cupboard, ready to drink whenever you want, our store offers the best Italian fruit juices and soft drinks online, produced with the utmost respect of the characteristics of the fruits they are made from.
 The advantages of buying ready-made juices?

  • You don’t need expensive equipment, which is often bulky and annoying to clean.
  • You can ensure that you get a good serving of fruits and vegetables without having to always have them fresh at home.
  • In just one juice, you can find a whole rainbow of beneficial colours in a single bottle.

The extracts you find on Italy Bite are made using an innovative production process that allows for all of the beneficial properties of fruit, berries and vegetables to be preserved. A result which is hard to achieve at home, as the true concentrate of nutrients is all in the skin, which is always used in the extracts you find on sale. The fruits are grown organically or biodynamically and are always harvested when fully ripe
The juice is cold-extracted without adding anything: no preservatives and no sweetening juice or fructose.
You can take them out and about as an energising snack, or to work as a healthy recharge, thanks to the incredible properties of two fantastic superfoods: goji berries (grown in Italy) and vitamin-packed sea buckthorn berries.  
And if your creativity has no boundaries, why not try using them to prepare refreshing cocktails?

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"Sottobosco da Bere" (goji berries, blackcurrants, apple) - BIO - 250ml

Price €4.90

"Freschezza a GoGo" (strawberries, goji berries, redcurrants, apple) - Organic - 250ml

Price €4.90

"Succo Ricco Mi Ci Ficco" (strawberries, rhubarb, lemon, apple) - Organic - 250ml

Price €4.90

"Mela Motto il Bergamotto" (apple, bergamot) - Organic - 250ml

Price €3.90

"Profumotto? Un Botto" (blueberry, apple, bergamot) - Organic - 250ml

Price €4.40

ORGANIC pure wild blueberry extract - 100ml

Price €10.90

ORGANIC pure blackcurrant extract - 100ml

Price €9.90

ORGANIC pure sea buckthorn extract - 100ml

Price €9.90

ORGANIC pure Italian goji berry extract - 100ml

Price €13.90

Caffè - Miscela Arabici in grani o macinato - 1 Kg

Price €39.90

Caffè - Miscela Alture in grani o macinato - 1 Kg

Price €39.90

copy of Caffè - Miscela Alture in grani o macinato - 1 Kg

Price €19.90