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Because we only want to sell the best Italian legumes online, in our selection you will find fantastic Sarconi beans PGI, highly-prized legumes from the Val d’Agri, in Basilicata. There are several ecotypes, such as ‘tabacchino’ and ‘verdolino’, the ‘tondino bianco’ and the ‘munachedda nera’. In the area they are grown in, there is a great deal of water available, and the temperatures remain low even in summer, allowing for the production of high-quality beans which are unique amongst the other varieties in existence. It is these geographical and climatic conditions that ensure that they have their characteristically pleasant sweet flavour and thin skin.
Beloved as our dear Tuscany is to us, we couldn’t fail to include excellent ICEA-certified organic chick peas, grown in an unspoilt area surrounded by the Casentino forests. They are naturally preserved in their cooking water, without preservatives or colourings.

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Small chickpeas - ORGANIC – 500g

Price €5.90

Lucania Beans Tondino Bianco - 500g

Price €13.90

Lucania Beans Verdolino - 500g

Price €13.90

Lucania black chickpeas - 470g

Price €11.50

Indian peas - 440g

Price €10.90

Organic Cannellini Primavera beans - 350g

Price €6.90

Organic Tuscan chickpeas - 350g

Price €6.90

Organic Chickpeas and Savoy cabbage - 350g

Price €6.90

Organic Beans with Tuscan Kale - 350g

Price €7.90

Organic cannellini beans in tomato sauce - 350g

Price €5.90

Castelluccio di Norcia’s PGI Lentils – 250 gr

Price €4.60

Fave e cicorie – 350 gr

Price €9.90