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Fancy a nice plate of pasta for dinner but have nothing in the fridge to whip up a tasty sauce? Want to wow your guests and don’t know what kinds of fish to get? Not to worry: that’s why ready-made sauces exist! Unfortunately, we simply don’t like the ones from the supermarket, so we have worked hard to sniff out the tastiest sauces in Italy for you. They smell of tradition, are inspired by the land and sea, and are handcrafted with only the highest-quality raw materials. In addition to classic sauces, you can also make up some great recipes by using spreads and pâtés as sauces! Like our Pantelleria caper PGI pâté: with its salty, intense flavour, it coats the palate and proves the perfect partner for fish and vegetables.
If, like us, you adore truffles, we at Italy Bite have selected the best Piedmontese and Umbrian producers. These two regions are the true home of truffles, first and foremost the white truffle of Alba. Only the finest white truffles are selected by hand, then put into jars as an excellent sauce along with top-quality porcini mushrooms: hence, truffle sauce.
But which pasta sauce is the one that absolutely everyone can agree on? Genoese pesto, of course. It is available either fresh or long-life, because our cold chain is 100% guaranteed. In order to be perfect, pesto must be made with only the finest traditional ingredients: Genoese basil PDO, Italian extra virgin olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano PDO, Pecorino Fiore Sardo PDO, pine nuts, garlic and salt. Pesto is traditionally served with trofie, trenette or potato gnocchi: all that’s important is that the pasta - short or long - is thick enough to fully capture the aromatic delight of this marvellous sauce. Try it as a sauce on steamed white fish, potatoes, grilled chicken breast, a vegetable salad or a Caprese salad with mozzarella. Plus it’s fantastic on pizza! The important thing is to enjoy it as a cold sauce. 
If, however, you are a fish lover, our online store has a massive range of ready-made sauces with Pachino tomatoes PGI: their intense sweetness blends perfectly with flavoursome sardines, tuna or yellowtail. Or how about treating yourself to a gourmet indulgence with a jar of whipped salt cod, perfect enjoyed as is, spread on taralli, slices of polenta or bruschetta, or as a sauce for pasta, gnocchi or risotto?
From our home region of Tuscany, we have chosen excellent Chianina beef sauces. These are made with plenty of PGI-certified Chianina breed beef, which makes up up to 85% of the finished product. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a vegetable sauce with no artificial ingredients, for a simple and healthy pasta, there is only one answer for you: a jar of organic tomato sauce, and you’ll feel right at home. You’ll feel like you’re back in Italy.

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PGI Pachino cherry tomato sauce - 660ml

From Price €3.50

PGI Pachino cherry tomato sauce with basil - 220g

Price €3.90

Caper and oregano pâté - 100g

Price €7.99

Caper and olive pâté - 100g

Price €7.99

Caper and almond pesto - 100g

Price €7.99

Sundried tomato and caper pâté - 100g

Price €7.99

La Tartufata, Truffle Cream - 180g

Price €27.90

Genoa Pesto Sauce - 85 g / 180g

From Price €9.99

Genoa Pesto sauce without garlic - 180g

Price €9.99

Spread of Radicchio Rosso di Treviso PGI - 150g

Price €7.90

Spread of Jerusalem Artichoke and Tarragon - 150g

Price €7.90

White Asparagus Spread - 150g

Price €7.90

Handmade Red Ketchup - 280 g

Price €11.50

Jar of whipped salt cod spread with olives– 90g

Price €7.90

Jar of whipped salt cod spread – 90g

Price €7.50

Jar of whipped salt cod spread with chilli – 90g

Price €7.90

Jar of whipped salt cod spread with truffle – 90g

Price €8.90

Walnut spread - 200g

Price €9.90

Jar of 'Nduja Salami Spread from Spilinga – 180 g

Price €6.90

‘Nduja sausage with onions - 180g

Price €6.90

Organic artichoke cream - 85g

From Price €6.90

Organic "salsa verde" green sauce - 180g

Price €7.90

Organic Tuscan kale pesto - 85g

Price €4.90

Organic Tomato Sauce - 200g

Price €3.90

Organic Artisanal Tomato Passata (strained tomato puree) - 700g

Price €5.90

‘Nduja sausage with olives - 180g

Price €6.90

‘Nduja sausage with tuna - 180g

Price €6.90

‘Nduja sausage with grilled vegetables - 180g

Price €6.90

Truffle Sauce - 130/250g

From Price €5.90

Tasting Selection 4 Whipped Salt Cod Spreads

Price €29.90

Handmade Orange Ketchup (delicate) - 200g

Price €6.90

Handmade Purple Ketchup (fruity) - 200g

Price €6.90

Handmade Green Ketchup (spicy) - 200g

Price €6.90

PDO Bronte pistachio pesto - 190g

Price €18.90

Bagna cauda dip - 180g

Price €9.90

Aglione garlic sauce – 320 g

Price €9.50

Italian, black garlic spread - 90g

Price €14.90

Chianina beef white ragout with Aglione garlic – 220g

Price €11.90

Cinta Senese pork ragout with Aglione garlic – 220 g

Price €10.90

Wild boar ragout with Aglione garlic – 220 g

Price €10.90

Pâté of Taggiasca olives from Liguria – 180 g

Price €7.90

Tasting selection sauces with Aglione garlic from Valdichiana – 3 jars

Price €30.90

Spicy tomato passata (strained tomato puree) – 300

Price €5.90

Organic peeled tomatoes – 500 gr

Price €6.90