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Best Italian fish products online | ITALY BITE #italianfoodlovers

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In a peninsula like Italy, the sea is an immeasurable treasure which is part of the culinary and cultural fabric of many regions, and it is particularly from the seas in the South - the coasts of Campania, Puglia and Sicily - that we get the finest examples of Italian fish
In this section of our e-store dedicated to the best Italian fish products online, you can find the absolute finest preserves around: fantastic Cetara anchovies, meaty slices of tuna and yellowtail in oil, and delicious pre-grated bottarga.
It is in small fishing villages that this magic truly takes shape, as all the flavour of the sea is encapsulated in a jar. For example, in Marzamemi, Sicily, they still dry and age tuna products according to the age-old techniques of the Arabic tradition. This beautiful island is also the land of the beautiful Pachino tomato PGI, whose sweetness blends perfectly with the flavour of the fish in delicious ready-made sauces.
Not a lot of people know that the great Italian tradition of preserves is at its finest not only when it comes to tuna - which we offer in the Mediterranean, Bluefin and Albacore varieties - and mackerel in oil, but also less common preserves, such as octopus, cuttlefish, yellowtail or swordfish in oil.
If you’re made about anchovies, we want to give you some advice: always plump for extra high-quality fillets. Anchovies are classified according to size, and the largest ones provide excellent meaty fillets which you can enjoy on a slice of bread, or even just to spice up a simple frisa with fresh tomato. Have you ever tried them melted in hot oil with a little garlic and oregano from Pantelleria as a pasta sauce?
An honourable mention must go to the superb Cetara anchovies and their sauce, the colatura di alici. Cetara, on the Amalfi coast, is a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the beauty of the village and the spectacular seascape, a truly breathtaking view. A little pearl of the South whose backstreets and courtyards have always been brought to life by the production of colatura and the processing of sardines.
The traditional Cetara colatura di alici is a Slow Food product which is obtained by arranging alternating layers of anchovies and salt in a wooden container - known as a terzigno, a kind of barrel - then pressing the mixture. The combination of pressure and maturation of the anchovies creates an intense amber liquid known as colatura, loosely translatable as ‘dripping’. The process doesn’t end there, as the colatura is then exposed to sunlight and then returned to the terzigno to complete its ageing process. What is for sure is that the techniques used to produce it are ancient, preserved by Cetaran families who hand the tradition down from father to son. All you need is a spoonful of it to transform simple spaghetti into an explosion of flavour, and it can be used in place of salt to season raw or steamed vegetables.
How can you recognise a quality colatura di alici? The best producers produce only small quantities, respecting the natural maturation times of the product and using only anchovies fished in the Gulf of Salerno.

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Tuna in Olive Oil - 600g

Price €21.90

Bluefin tuna in olive oil - 300g

Price €16.90

“Extra” anchovy fillets with red hot chilli pepper in olive oil - 340g

Price €15.90

Ventresca tuna (tuna belly) in olive oil - 220g

Price €13.90

Tuna cured fish roe (bottarga) in olive oil - 90g

Price €5.90

Grated tuna cured fish roe (bottarga) - 60g

Price €7.90

“Extra” anchovy fillets packed in olive oil - 340g

Price €15.90

Colatura di Alici, anchovy sauce - 100ml

Price €11.90

Swordfish fillets packed in olive oil - 220g

Price €9.90

Greater amberjack in olive oil - 220g

Price €8.90

Grated Greater Amberjack roe (bottarga) - 50g

Price €6.90

Mackerel fillets packed in olive oil - 300g

Price €9.90

Cuttlefish in Olive Oil - 220g

Price €9.90

Colatura di alici from Cetara (Italian anchovy sauce) - (in glass dropper bottle) - 50ML

Price €24.90

Anchovy fillets from Cetara (in a case) – 50G

Price €17.90

Cetara anchovies packed in salt (in a glass jar) – 300G

Price €31.90

‘Nduja sausage with tuna - 180g

Price €6.90

Cold-smoked rainbow trout filet - “The Queen of San Daniele” – 100g

Price €14.90

Tasting Selection 4 Whipped Salt Cod Spreads

Price €29.90

Jar of whipped salt cod spread with chilli – 90g

Price €7.90

Jar of whipped salt cod spread with truffle – 90g

Price €8.90

Mullet bottarga cured fish roe - slab, around 125g

Price €19.90

Jar of whipped salt cod spread with olives– 90g

Price €7.90

Jar of whipped salt cod spread – 90g

Price €7.50

Ground mullet bottarga cured fish roe - 70g

Price €10.90