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Offella d’Oro – 850 gr

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Offella d’Oro – 850 gr Pasticceria Perbellini

Perbellini’s Offella d’oro® is the ancestor of the great leavened products of Verona. It descends directly from the Nadalin, a traditional Christmas cake rather low and compact. Compared to the Nadalin, however, the Offella d'oro® is taller and more fragrant and above all much more buttery. It was Giovanni Battista Perbellini, in 1891, who revolutionized the recipe of Nadalin, enriching the dough with butter and eggs. The result is an extraordinary cake, soft as a cloud.

The Offella d’oro® should not be confused with the pandoro. They have fragrance and butteriness in common but not the shape nor, very important, the crunchy almonds, which are added on the bottom of the dish and roast in cooking, giving off a unique aroma. Perbellini invented this cake 130 years ago and still produces it as then, with the utmost attention to raw materials and perfect leavening. For a delicious gift, it’s the best: hand-wrapped in elegant packaging, it is truly beautiful and delicious!

Rinomata Offelleria Perbellini is an historical institution in Bovolone, in the province of Verona. Since the mid-nineteenth century, every day its pastry chefs bake traditional handmade cakes of the territory, with passion and experience. Christmas cakes are the pride of this production, always ready to give a moment of pure sweetness.

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Product for Vegetarians



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