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Italian products shipped in Italy and abroad

At Italy Bite, we sell excellent products that are not easy to find in your everyday markets. We always offer prime-quality products: that’s why delivery times and shipping methods are extremely important.

We have selected special shipping systems involving the use of isothermal packaging, which allows maintaining goods at a certain temperature for up to 96 hours (4 days), as well as synthetic ice suitable for food purposes; delivery times and shipping methods vary according to the destination country.

Please check carefully the table below, taking a look at the specific details of your desired shipping country, and choose the shipping option which best suits your needs.

* The shipping costs as indicated in the chart are applied to packages weighing up to 7kg. If the weight of your package exceeds 10kg, administration could contact you to assess the real shipping cost.

Rest of the world

Yes, we ship the best Italian products worldwide. Please contact us by mail (at or at the number +39 334.3874834 via Whatsapp, if your desired shipping country is not listed above. We will give you an estimate of shipping costs for your country, depending on the type of products you would like to purchase.


Customs duties

For non-EU countries, customs duties and/or other import duties shall be borne by the customer and cannot be estimated in advance, since rates vary according to the nature and quantity of purchased goods.


Delivery times are indicative; Italy Bite shall not be liable for potential delays caused by the courier services.

What determines shipping costs

There is only one answer to this question: our aim to safeguard the quality of our products as much as possible. We have carefully selected them, we know their value and we wish to respect it, by making sure that their sensory features remain unaltered thanks to swift deliveries and optimal transport conditions.

The packaging itself was designed in such a way as to ensure that products arrive intact and fresh. The isothermal packaging is 5 cm thick and the exterior cardboard box, which is 1 cm thick, adds a further layer of insulation. Furthermore, the amount of synthetic ice that we add to our package is calculated according to the weight of the products, the journey duration and the weather conditions at destination.

This is our guarantee, without compromises.


Delivery times

In order to always guarantee optimal product freshness, delivery times also change according to destination. However, you can sometimes choose between standard and express delivery, which takes less time. It is not always possible, though; more information in this regard is available on the table.

The “Order Date” is considered the current day, only if the order has been placed before 6 am. We will inform you of the exact delivery date; however, we cannot be held responsible for deterioration of goods resulting from unsuccessful delivery due to customer absence. That is why, if you wish to order fresh or perishable products which could spoil if stored in a warehouse, we strongly advise you to indicate an accurate delivery address to ensure your items can be safely received (office, family member’s house etc.).

If your order only includes non-perishable products, shipping is carried out every day from Monday to Friday. However, if your order also includes fresh and perishable items, your order will be shipped only on specific days, depending on the destination zone. For instance, if we were to ship your order on a Friday, that would imply that your products will spend two additional days in the courier’s warehouse, thus compromising their freshness.

At Italy Bite, food quality has always been our top priority.