Friul Trota

The masters of San Daniele trout

Friul Trota is an incredible company from Friuli, born out of the passion of Giuseppe Pighin for the trout of San Daniele - an outstanding fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids with a unique taste.

The greatest accomplishment of the company Friul Trota was giving new value to this great Italian delicacy and creating a 100% genuine production.

This adventure started as a hobby forty years ago on a little lake close to the Tagliamento river banks and it turned into an ambitious project. It all begins with trout farming, which takes place in the same environmental features as the natural habitat: a lot of fresh water, low fish population density and natural growth rate. The fish is, hence, healthy and locally-sourced. 

Processing trout into fish products of the highest quality is carried out manually only with natural ingredients. The whole Friul Trota’s production chain relies on essential manual skills. Each step, from filleting to salting, is handmade, including the deboning step which guarantees that each filet is completely bone-free.

Among Friul Trota’s products, we find the one and only Queen of San Daniele, a smoked trout with an unmistakable flavour; it’s delicious, delicate but flavourful and does not contain any preservatives or colouring agents.

The smoking process, which helps obtaining this outstanding result, is carried out in a natural way, by smoking wood, berries and aromatic herbs. It is a long and slow process and the end result is completely different than industrial products.

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Cold-smoked rainbow trout filet - “The Queen of San Daniele” – 100g

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