In order to find and select the best food manufacturers, we have to travel a lot, but we must confess that it is a sacrifice we are willing to make, considering all the delicious food we get to taste all around Italy. When it comes to selecting products to sell on Italy Bite, we let our taste and passion for good food take the lead.
If you are a manufacturer of Italian delicacies and want to become part of our selection, you should know that what we care most about is that you love the food you make: this is what makes you a true Italian food artisan in our eyes.
We are always looking for high-quality food, not just products that satisfy the palate. We think that truly good food must tell a story and it must be prepared slowly according to tradition and with all the passion it deserves.
We act as the first filter for our customers. Anything we don’t like isn’t for sale on Italy Bite. Otherwise, what kind of selection would we be doing? We therefore ask you to send us a free sample of the products you would like to sell in our online store, so that we can assess whether they are suitable for our catalogue before putting them on sale on www.italybite.it within a month.
We ensure that all of your products are stored in refrigerated warehouses pursuant to law, with a guaranteed unbroken cold chain. As a matter of fact, we use isothermal containers and synthetic ice, optimising delivery times as much as possible so that our customers always receive a fresh, delicious product.
We have decided to provide our customers with the widest range of products possible; that means that each product category in our catalogue includes more than one manufacturer. You may find your products alongside others, coming perhaps from different regions of Italy.
We are very curious to discover what you make. You can contact us via e-mail ([email protected]) and we will send you a summary of all the information you need to become part of our project.