C'was once... in Concordia in the lower plain of Modena, a small Salumificio where Carlo Palmieri began producing the first mortadella. It was 1961 and already at that time Carlo used the meat of his pigs to make cold cuts. Today they call it "control of the supply chain", but for Carlo it was the desire to look for a unique and genuine product, starting from the quality of the raw material. In a short time the work increased, the spaces were no longer sufficient and for this reason in the late '70s he decided to move to San Prospero, where together with his children he laid the foundations for the current factory, modernly rebuilt after the tragic earthquake of 2012. The years went by and in 1997 Carlo had the idea of using the rind as a casing or gut for stuffing and cooking mortadella. he thus created some specially sewn bags that he filled with a mixture of the highest quality. Once cooked (in the stone ovens, still in use), then came the moment of tasting and there someone exclaimed: "ma questa Mortadella è una fairy tale!" and Massimo, the second-born, seized that exclamation to baptize the mortadella with that name. Today, after twenty-39 years, Favola is synonymous with quality and excellence in Italian delicatessens. Once upon a time... and still today there is, a fairytale mortadella worthy of a King!

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mortadella "favolina" (little fairytale) - 750g approx.

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mortadella “favola” (fairytale), vacuum-sealed piece - 1.25kg approx.

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whole mortadella “favola” (fairytale) - 5kg approx.

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