Once upon a time, back in 1919, there was a grandpa called Emilio who made high-quality handmade cold cuts in a small shop in Modena city centre like nobody else. That’s how the story of Palmieri Mortadella and Mortadella Favola started out. Emilio passed down his passion to his son Carlo who, in 1961, made his dream of producing cold cuts from the meat of pigs which he reared and slaughtered himself, come true. The workload was steadily increasing and in the 70s the company moved to San Prospero, in Emilia-Romagna. The facilities were renovated and modernised following the 2012 earthquake and they now cover a surface of 30,000m2 in which 100 tons of meat per week are produced. The butcher shop Palmieri combines tradition and artisan production with pioneering processing methods and facilities.

In 1997 Carlo Palmieri had the idea of filling the Mortadella in pork rind and cooking it in stone ovens, which still work today. This coating allowed keeping cold cut fresh and fragrant just like it was straight out of the oven; this invention was patented, which made this Mortadella one of a kind. Upon tasting, somebody cried out: “This Mortadella tastes like a fairytale!” and that’s how it got its name “Favola” (Italian for fairytale). This cold cut can be eaten by people with food allergies, since it does not contain gluten, lactose, OGMs, glutamate or polyphosphates. It is a delicate Mortadella which is easy to digest, since only the finest meats with few fats are used; it truly is a dream come true.

Today Palmieri is internationally renowned for its high-quality Mortadella and cold cuts. This company focuses on producing meats of the highest quality, guaranteeing the safety and hygiene control of its products, facilities and employees. Moreover, the ingredients used by this company are fully traceable, thanks to modern IT systems.