Apicoltura Cazzola

Italian virgin honey

Honey is the only 100% natural sweetener. It is a live product that must be handled carefully. There is a huge difference between honey made by expert beekeepers and large distribution honey. Pasteurisation helps preventing crystallisation or granulation and it is often carried out in industrial manufacturing. Honey is, therefore, always liquid and homogenous, but that also means that the precious nutrients that honey contains have also undergone a “cooking” process!

Apicoltura Cazzola beekeeping only makes whole virgin raw honey that does not undergo any thermal treatment. All natural properties and benefits are kept unaltered, taking honey to another level.

This beekeeping company used to have three beehives at the beginning; it has since grown a lot, but it has always remained true to its founding principles: respecting the bees, the territory and the honey. The company is located in the countryside near Bologna, but bees aren’t always kept there. As a matter of fact, Apicoltura Cazzola beekeeping practises the so-called seasonal nomadism and moves the beehives depending on blooming.

There is multifloral or single flower honey coming from only one plant, such as linden honey, acacia honey or chestnut honey, or even sunflower honey, lavender honey or bergamot honey. Each honey has a unique scent and flavour making it stand out from the others.

Defining honey is very difficult. We can’t even say that honey is sweet, since there are some types of honey that are definitely bitter or have a marked sour note. Each honey has its own identity and, as such, flavour combinations with honey are almost endless.

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Acacia Honey - 350g

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Bergamot Honey - 350g

Price €10.90

Cherry Blossom Honey - 350g

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Chestnut Honey - 350g

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Citrus Honey - 350g

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Honey Tasting Selection by Apicoltura Cazzola - 4x350g

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Honeydew Honey - 350g

Price €10.90

Lavender Honey - 350g

Price €12.90

Linden Honey - 350g

Price €10.90

Sunflower Honey - 350g

Price €10.90

Wildflower Honey - 350g

Price €10.50