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Torta Pistocchi, a landmark in Florence’s confectionery landscape, was founded in 1990 in Tuscany’s capital. The siblings Claudio and Claudia Pistocchi make delicious products by hand, where chocolate reigns supreme. The Pistocchi company evolved over time, but innovation and research never replaced the craft: products are still handmade, as they were 25 years ago. Claudio and Claudia like to track down extremely refined ingredients made only by the best manufacturers in the world.

The classic Torta Pistocchi cake is an actual icon: a mix of five refined bitter chocolates, unsweetened cocoa powder and a drop of cream of milk. It does not contain eggs, butter, flour, added sugar; only few ingredients are needed to obtain a creamy consistency and an intense taste. The ingredient list does not include preservatives or additives; that’s why the cakes are packed under vacuum and must be kept at a refrigerated temperature to keep their fragrance and deliciousness intact for a long time. Do not forget to eat them at room temperature, though!

Torta Pistocchi’s assortment was expanded to include the chocolate cake with red hot chilli pepper, the chocolate cake with sour cherries with 30% of whole candied sour cherries, the chocolate cake with Sicilian citrus with Italy’s best candied fruits by Corrado Assenza, the chocolate cake with coffee, with a flavour lasting up to 12 minutes in the mouth, the chocolate cake with pears with semi-candied pears by Michele Mezzasoma, the chocolate cake with strawberries, which is slightly softer with 30% of semi-candied strawberries, the white chocolate cake with oranges with a non-overwhelming sweetness and finally, the chocolate cake with Martinique rum and raisins that have previously soaked in rum for two weeks. Elisa’s cake is then dedicated to Claudio’s daughter with Italian-Thai roots; as a matter of fact, this cake represents the perfect combination between Asia and Italy, with exotic fruits and as many as 9 spices that give the cake a citrus flavour.

Torta Pistocchi also manufactures dragées, handmade bite-sized panned chocolate confections: dragées with Ethiopian Yrgalem coffee, dragées with raisins, almonds, sea salt and milk chocolate and dragées with pistachios, white chocolate, orange powder and sea salt.