The great tradition of Italian chocolaterie

Vestri is now one of the great names of Italian chocolaterie. It all started in the early 60’s in Arezzo, when Alberto and Marianna would work the cocoa in an home-made lab set up to put it on the cookies they were selling at the market. Many things changed since then (Vestri won Japan's heart, just to name one) but the passion for cocoa and the pursuit of the highest quality have remained absolutely intact.

The company was founded in 1982 and was initially producing Easter eggs. Danielo, son of Alberto and Marianna, and his wife Stefania are now the ones in charge. With their dream the company grows and the laboratory expands, making room for new machinery. In a few years Vestri's brand becomes a symbol of high quality handcrafted chocolate. 

In 2002 comes the cocoa plantation. The Hacienda Vista Alegre in the Dominican Republic marks the company's turning point, managing directly the cocoa's cultivation, without pesticides or chemicals, controlling its collection, fermentation and desiccation. In other words, from the chocolate tree to the chocolate bar. The full traceability of raw materials comes with a real commitment to the compliance with the working conditions of employees and the safeguarding of the natural soil fertility and biodiversity of plants and animals.

Vestri therefore means chocolate in all its forms. Easter eggs have been the heart of the company and remain one of the pillars of its production, but they also added tablets, pralines and spreads to die for. The main element, the common thread that binds this huge variety of products, is quality – very high - of raw materials and the perfect balance of tastes and aromas

Whether it’s a praline, a tablet or a nice spoonful of spreadable cream, get ready to try the pure taste of cocoa, a completely natural raw material processed and enhanced by Vestri to create true masterpieces of sweetness.

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Assorted pralines – 220gr/320gr

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“La Golosa” - pistachio spread - gr 200

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“La Magra” - hazelnut sugar-free spread - 200 gr

Price €10.90

“La Nocciolina” - spread with hazelnut grains - 200 gr

Price €12.90

“La Pura” - dark hazelnut spread - 200 gr

Price €12.90

“La Vellutata” - hazelnut spread - 200 gr

Price €10.90