Capers from Pantelleria

The company La Nicchia was founded in Pantelleria in 1949 by Antonio Bonomo and Girolamo Giglio. Located on this island in the middle of the sea, this company process the island raw materials, a hard but essential activity. After sixty years of business, La Nicchia is the only company on the Pantelleria island to own a farm, a caper factory and an artisan workshop.

The name “La Nicchia”, the niche, refers to the need to promote this territory that must be preserved with care and devotion. The company mission is to preserve this farming activity so closely tied to this land, by investing in the territory to safeguard the island past and present. La Nicchia grows, selects and respects those raw materials that this demanding land gives to those who have earned it. It is more about preserving the territory, preserving a way of thinking as well as a crop, which all risk disappearing.

The company offers a selection of the island best raw materials which are processed in the simplest possible way, respecting their characteristics and uniqueness. One of the most famous products of the Pantelleria island is caper, a typical Mediterranean shrub. Between the end of May and the beginning of September, capers start to bloom and flower buds must be harvested as soon as possible. Capers from Pantelleria are packed in salt and can be used in many different dishes without fuss: they only need to be washed to remove salt. Salt is the best way to preserve them, since it does not alter the organoleptic qualities of capers. Besides those products containing capers - such as caper pâtés or crumbled capers, La Nicchia also offers products with Zibibbo raisins, oregano from Pantelleria, sundried tomatoes and orange and lemon marmalades.