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The Tartufi Alfonso Fortunati company was born in 1972 out of the passion of Alfonso Fortunati and his wife Annunziata. It is located in Campello sul Clitunno in the midst of the Umbrian hills, in an area particularly suitable for truffle hunting. The mountain morphology and orientation as well as the high presence of lush unspoilt forests allow truffles to grow spontaneously. In this truffle heaven, Alfonso Fortunati Truffles, which has since become one of the most renowned truffle manufacturers in the area, harvests the precious fruits of this land by hand, following rituals and very ancient traditions and always respecting the environment.

For the past 40 years this company has always strived to achieve the best end product quality. Truffles are one of the most refined products in the world and their delicate sensory characteristics must be preserved, paying particular attention to each production step: from harvest, to processing, to distribution. The company has decided not to follow industrial production models and stick to artisan production: only expert and delicate hands get to lovingly process this product of the woods.

The great artisan skills of Alfonso Fortunati’s employees are combined with technologies to make sure that each single truffle is checked, cleaned and carefully washed; moreover, every ingredient of the company truffle products is selected according to strict criteria and checked by the company experts. First-class Alfonso Fortunati truffles aim at promoting the territory and the culture behind this product which is deeply rooted in local customs, following a long family tradition and a passion that have been passing down from one generation to another.