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The Frantoio Franci oil mill and its olive tree grove called Villa Magra are located on the Mount Amiata slopes in the Val d’Orcia valley. The Franci family has always owned small oil production facilities that couldn’t surely compete with big manufacturers. That’s why, when the moment came to market their products, the Franci family decided to focus all their efforts on the production of olive oils of the highest quality. That’s how the Franci oil mill developed and started producing oils of extremely high quality without making any compromise.
Founded in the 50s by brothers Franco and Fernando, over time the Franci oil mill hasn’t lost sight of its core values. Beside a high product quality, the mill also carefully selects raw materials and closely observes potential changes in the territory. Possible seasonal variations, which usually have a negative impact on harvests, only influence the harvest quantity, and never the quality, of Franci oil. This enables them to always produce very refined olive oil, respecting the precious gifts of nature. As a matter of fact, every type of olive oil produced in the mill must respect precise quality standards concerning sensory characteristics and chemical parameters. Those oils that do not comply are downgraded. By doing so, the Franci oil mill guarantees that the consumer will be able to enjoy the same high quality year after year.

In 1996 the company started producing the olive oil that was to become the main product of the oil mill: Villa Magra, the first extra virgin olive oil with a fruity and intense taste, made exclusively with their own olives. Nowadays, the Franci oil mill produces as many as eight different types of olive oils to suit various daily needs. One of their olive oils has obtained the PGI certificate of origin, thus proving how important the territory and its protection are to create high-quality products.