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Fresh meat and Tuscan cold cuts

I Commensali was founded in 2012 in Casentino, the land of high-quality meat and handmade cold cuts. PGI Chianina cattle breed and the incredible Casentino grey pigs - two unique meats - are butchered by this company.

Chianina steaks are skilfully cut up and matured to perfection, in order to obtain a prime-quality product. The meat is nothing short of excellent, with no compromises and 100% genuine, like grey pork.

These pigs, a crossbreed between Cinta Senese and Large White pigs, are highly appreciated because of the meat flavour and high fat percentage. Casentino grey pigs are reared in a semi-wild state and eat what the Casentino forest has to offer. This ‘healthy’ nutrition makes the difference in the final product, whether it be fresh or cured meat.

The company I Commensali focuses on combining the perfect taste with salubrity. That’s why their cold cuts do not contain colouring agents, nitrites and artificial aromas and fresh meat is always perfectly matured. These hams, salami and Tuscan sausages are made the old fashioned way; they are authentic and unique.