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We at Italy Bite are currently working with more than sixty manufacturers of Italian delicacies; that is why, in order to always guarantee the highest quality and freshness of our products, there may be some delays in regard to delivery times. To know more about delivery costs and times, we recommend that you look carefully at our page: Delivery times and methods.

At Italy Bite shipping costs are automatically calculated according to the destination country and the type of product (whether it be fresh, perishable or non-perishable), even when purchasing food coming from different regions in Italy. For more details about delivery times and costs in Italy and abroad, please consult our page: Delivery times and methods.

We sell many perishable items on our online store, such as meat and fresh pasta. Quality is without any doubt our top priority and guaranteeing a safe and controlled cold chain is essential. From our warehouse to your doorstep: perishable foodstuffs are packaged in isothermal containers and kept at a temperature between 0° C and 4° C during transportation.  


Fresh products are usually handmade, portioned and packaged directly by the producer; hence we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the weight that is, by law, shown on the label. If - as is almost always the case - the product sent to you is bigger than what you bought, consider it a nice little present from Italy Bite; if, however, the quantity of product you receive is smaller than what is listed on the website, we will add a gift voucher to your package, corresponding to the value (in Euros) of the missing part, which you can use for future purchases on our site.

Allergens, intolerances and celiac disease:

To help you navigate the site, we at Italy Bite have decided to list all the relevant allergens and the potential presence of lactose and gluten for all of our products. The information that we publish is provided directly by the producers, but it is advisable - and we always recommend it - to check the label on the product itself before consuming it. Italy Bite Srl shall not be responsible for any errors in the information shown on the website.