De' Magi

Andrea Magi is the perfect example of how to turn a passion into a job. He has always been a big cheese lover: a passion that he inherited from his father and brother. a love that runs through his veins. As a little boy, he used to wash cheeses after school, a rather difficult procedure. All products by De’ Magi are still today handled by hand with extreme care: Andrea checks raw materials thoroughly, because of his “obsessive love”, as he describes his passion.

Andrea is a cheese affineur, a cheesemonger, a true alchemist. He seeks traditional terroir products as well as producers that are willing to experiment. He looks for the perfect cheeses, tastes them, carries out the affinage - i.e. refines them, in order to enhance their quality or discover different flavours. He lets cheese age in olive leaves or grape skins. he refines them with cocoa or truffle to create unique flavours and combinations with an astonishing alchemy. He only uses natural techniques to enhance taste as well as maturing rooms with particular microclimates, such as caves and cellars.

Caves have been used since ancient times to refine cheeses, thanks to their structure and microclimate. That’s why De’ Magi has recreated in his premises two stone caves where he refines cheese.

The expertise of De’ Magi is based on an in-depth study of ancient cheese aging techniques that are combined with modern technology for quality control. His cheeses are divided into two lines: Affinati, i.e. signature refined cheeses, and Selezione, i.e. a selection of exceptional cheeses of the best Italian producers.

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"L'Aromatico" Pecorino Cheese - 325/650/1300 g

From Price €16.90

"Lavatella" Cheese - 700 g

Price €19.90

"Mascalzone" (Rascal) Pecorino Reserve - 500/1000/2000 g

From Price €21.90

"Meravigliao" Pecorino cheese - refined in cocoa - 325/650/1300 g

From Price €16.90

"Piccantino" Pecorino Cheese with Chilli Pepper - 400 g

Price €13.90

"Spinello" Cheese with sea-buckthorn liqueur - 100 g

Price €6.20

"Ulivastro" Pecorino Cheese - refined under olive leaves - 300/600/1200 g

From Price €15.90

"VKA" Cheese with Vodka - 200g

Price €8.90

Aged Black Rind Pecorino Cheese - 350/700/1400g

From Price €12.90

Aged Golden Rind Pecorino Cheese - 350/700/1400g

From Price €14.90

Briacacio cheese - 230gr

Price €12.90

Candidum vaccino cheese - 500 g

Price €19.90

Drunken Pecorino Cheese - 325/650/1300 g

From Price €15.90

Grande Magi - extra-mature cheese - 1Kg

Price €43.90

L'Affienato - Pecorino cheese aged in hay and straw - 325/650/1300g

From Price €15.90

Let's Play Chess

Price €59.90

Pinetta l'erborinato di Capretta - 400gr

Price €19.90

Piparellino pecorino cheese - 500 gr

Price €29.90

Raw-milk Pecorino Cheese "Gioia del Pastore" (Sheperd's joy) - 400/800/1600g

From Price €14.90

San Tino cheese - 300 gr

Price €14.90

Semi-cured Red Rind Pecorino Cheese- 350/700/1400g

From Price €11.90

Truffle pecorino cheese "Tuberino" - 400 g

Price €16.90

Young Pecorino Cheese - 300/600/1200g

From Price €9.90

“Caprone” goat cheese - 625/1250/2,500g

From Price €24.90

“Croccolo” Pecorino Cheese - 500/1000/2000 g

From Price €19.90

“Il Cavallo Nero” (The black knight) cheese - 190 g

Price €7.50

“Il Re” (The king) Cheese - 300 g

Price €12.90

“L'alfiere” (The bishop) cheese - 270 g

Price €10.99

“La Regina” (the queen) Cheese - 270 g

Price €9.90

“La Scacchiera” (the chessboard) Cheese - 280 g

Price €11.90

“La Torre” (The rook) cheese - 270 g

Price €10.90