Outstanding Sicilian preserves

Campisi preserves was founded in 1854 in Marzamemi, a small Sicilian village in the municipality of Pachino which is renowned for its incredible tomatoes. Here the fish canning industry plays a vital role in everyone’s life.

The Campisi company makes several types of canned fish preserves: from swordfish to greater amberjack, to their real specialty, tuna, which is caught exclusively by angling.

Fish processing follows very precise steps, gained from an experience gathered since ancient times in the Sicilian tuna fish factories. Campisi is the guardian of these traditions.

Campisi has recently been specialising in the processing of plant products, too, such as PGI Pachino tomato - sweet and so incredibly flavourful. Because it takes extreme care of their raw materials, Campisi is able to make genuine and prime-quality preserves.

The company’s code of ethics is unparalleled: strict monitoring, processing of very fresh raw materials, cooking and preservation methods which safeguard the product’s sensory properties as much as possible; that’s why Campisi preserves are such outstanding products in Sicily and beyond.

The company deeply cares about its territory; as a matter of fact, they only select raw materials with controlled and guaranteed origin, as well as fishes that have only been caught by angling and never by slaughtering.

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Bluefin tuna in olive oil - 300g

Price €16.90

Colatura di Alici, anchovy sauce - 100ml

Price €11.90

Cuttlefish in Olive Oil - 220g

Price €9.90

Grated Greater Amberjack roe (bottarga) - 50g

Price €6.90

Grated tuna cured fish roe (bottarga) - 60g

Price €7.90

Greater amberjack in olive oil - 220g

Price €8.90

Mackerel fillets packed in olive oil - 300g

Price €9.90

PGI Pachino cherry tomato sauce - 660ml

From Price €3.50

PGI Pachino cherry tomato sauce with basil - 220g

Price €3.90

Sundried cherry tomatoes in oil - 220g

Price €4.90

Swordfish fillets packed in olive oil - 220g

Price €8.90

Tuna cured fish roe (bottarga) in olive oil - 90g

Price €5.90

Tuna in Olive Oil - 600g

Price €19.90

Ventresca tuna (tuna belly) in olive oil - 220g

Price €13.90

“Extra” anchovy fillets packed in olive oil - 340g

Price €15.90

“Extra” anchovy fillets with red hot chilli pepper in olive oil - 340g

Price €15.90