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Neri Piaceri was founded in Cavezzo in the province of Modena following the 2012 earthquake. This small, artisan family business was created to take back this territory packed with flavour and traditions that the earthquake wiped out. That’s because the earthquake did not manage to destroy dreams or make people lose their smile. Neri Piaceri wanted to bring back some degree of normality and sweetness with its chocolate and delicious spreads during such a terrible moment. Each Neri Piaceri’s product reflects that passion and tenacity that characterised local people who, without giving in to fear or discouragement, brought this territory so rich in gastronomy and tradition back to its former glory.

Neri Piaceri’s handmade spreads are packed with flavour and sweetness. The dark chocolate spread contains more than 25% of skimmed cocoa powder and it has an intense flavour. The flavour of dark chocolate together with a creamy consistency creates the perfect combo which can be savoured on its own or together with confectionery products, while sipping on a nice coffee. The pistachio spread is another great classic. It whets the appetite with its sweet flavour and a pinch of salt. All the sensory properties of precious pistachios are packed in a jar that, when twisted open, releases a flavour explosion that pairs really well with choux pastry or ice cream. Last but not least, the gianduja spread with 6% of hazelnuts and milk chocolate. It is so tempting and it is a must on pastries, bread or with savoury snacks, such as breadsticks. You will reach the bottom of the jar in the blink of an eye!