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​​​​​​​Our physical and mental well being greatly depend on the quality of what we eat. Before starting the Italy Bite - Italian Food Lovers project, we asked ourselves what quality means for us in terms of food, and one aspect that is absolutely indispensable is taste: delicious flavours that pique our curiosity and stimulate creativity in the kitchen are a blessing because they give us moments of true pleasure for the soul. Another essential aspect is the quality of the ingredients and how they are handled.
Eating is fun, engaging and satisfying. We don’t want to just sell typical Italian food online, we want to tell its stories, the stories of the people who make it and their homeland. We want to give you expert advice on how best to enjoy it, how to pair foods and use them in your recipes to truly savour the true flavours of Italy. That is why we prioritise products with PDO and PGI certifications, as well as numerous Slow Food products, each one the incredible result of the work of passionate local producers.
We designed Italy Bite - Italian Food Lovers as an online shop offering gastronomic specialities in which tradition and passion for authentic Italian foodfind their purest expression, showcasing products that we have discovered and really loved. It is with these ideas in mind that we have spent a whole year selecting over fifty excellent producers to allow you to enjoy the same fantastic products that wowed our tastebuds.
We had a vast panorama in view - the whole of Italy - and we concentrated on the products and the producers most capable of conveying the authentic flavours of every region that are often hard to find. Maybe you, like us, have also travelled extensively, sampling delicacies that have remained imprinted on your memory and that you often wish you could enjoy again. However, we both know that it is not easy to find authentic artisanal foods in big cities, and when you do, it is not often convenient to buy them at all. On Italy Bite, you can find everything you desire with our guarantee of the finest selection of products available for you to browse from the comfort of your home.