Oil and almonds from Apulia

The Azienda Agricola De Palma farm covers 65 hectares of hills in the countryside around Bari. Here, in this still pristine corner of the Apulia region, olive and almond trees are cultivated respecting nature and the surrounding environment, without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

The De Palma brand was born in 2015 and it never stopped growing and improving since. The state of the art mill, for example, allows a controlled temperature processing between 19 and 20°. This is a substantial innovation, which allowed this brand to produce a prime-quality oil, characterized by low acidity and a high number of polyphenols.

This farm’s raw materials reach absolutely exceptional quality standards. The olives are certified as PDO “Terra di Bari” and the almonds are true masterpieces as well. The Toritto almond is the most popular for pastries worldwide, thanks to its sweet, aromatic and delicate taste. The Filippo Cea cultivar specifically is particularly high-quality. Rich in essential oils, it has very low acidity and a particularly pleasant and buttery taste.

Both Coratina olives from extra virgin olive oil and Toritto almonds come from organic farming. Delicious, healthy and genuine products, good for us and the environment. What more could we ask for?

Here olive and almond trees find the best soil, to give fruits rich in flavor. The Azienda Agricola De Palma farm controls every single stage of production, from cultivation to harvesting, from processing to wrapping as well as choosing the packaging. That’s right, these packages, as well as full of goodness, are also stunning to look at. Whether they’re kept in the pantry or given away, with the De Palma oil and almonds satisfaction is assured.