Biscotti Fortini

Biscotti Fortini® was founded at end of the 90s in Pietrasanta, in the province of Lucca, but it was in 2015 that the company was completely renovated and decided to go back to the origins, to a family business model, where each production step is carried out with great care and attention.

Tradition and modernity meet here with great results: a success story based on genuine flavours and ingredients of excellent quality.

Fortini® biscuits are shortcrust pastry biscuits; the secret behind their success is the shortcrust pastry itself. To make it, Fortini’s pastry chefs use one of the best centrifuged butters in Europe, sugar, a real yolk and Italian all-purpose wheat flour type 00. These biscuits do not contain traces of preservatives, antioxidants, emulsifiers or other food additives. A kneading machine mixes the dough very carefully and the biscuits are then refrigerated for one day, reaching the perfect consistency.

They have nothing to do with common breakfast cookies. The company Biscotti Fortini® has reinvented tea biscuits, making real artisan dry biscuits, crumbly and with a perfect buttery texture. They are rolled by hand and packed individually to preserve their shape and aroma for a long time.

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Assorted shortcrust pastry biscuits - 200g

Price €8.50

Chocolate chip shortcrust biscuits - 200g

Price €8.50

hazelnut shortcrust pastry biscuits - 200g

Price €8.50

Shortcrust pastry biscuits "Prima Neve" - 200g

Price €8.50

Shortcrust pastry biscuits with wholegrain einkorn flour - 200g

Price €8.50