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Modern interpreters of an ancient tradition

Valsassina, in the heart of Lombardy, is a perfect land for cheese. Pristine nature, fresh and pure air, green pastures as far as the eye can see: some of the most excellent Italian dairy delicacies are born right here. This is exactly where, since 1960, the Carozzi family produces and sells its products, amazing cheeses with all the genuine taste of freshly milked milk.

PDO Gorgonzola cheese, PDO Taleggio cheese and PDO Quartirolo cheese are great classics that are complemented by cheeses with an innovative and modern flare. Therefore, next to masterpieces of tradition we find new proposals, the result of happy intuitions (as the company says). The Buffalo Camembert cheese and the goat Quader cheese, born from the union of traditional production techniques and research into the evolution of tastes, are our favourites. 

From the expert hands of the master cheese maker Marco Carozzi unique and unmistakable cheeses are born, which keep all the characteristic scents and flavours of Valsassina. The link with the territory and its particular gastronomic traditions is deep and indivisible, but it is also the starting point for experimenting with new techniques, methods and combinations, looking for different nuances of taste.

Producing such amazing cheeses is an art that requires the utmost care and a maniacal attention to every single stage of production. The selected milk is of the highest quality, the processing techniques are the perfect mix of craftsmanship and innovation, the production process complies with all the current sanitary regulations and is certified at European level.

Seasoning is simply crucial for quality. That’s why Carozzi refines its cheeses with care and passion, without rushing, because time is the main ingredient needed to produce a truly excellent product. History, territory, tradition and innovation come together in Carozzi’s cheeses and bring life to perfect forms, true explosions of taste and goodness.