Essentiæ - officinali del Casentino” is an assortment of products, including seasonings, infusions and aromatic herbs, which are cultivated, processed and packaged in the Fattoria Cuore Verde farm. These products are not the result of industrial processes, but rather of the love for nature and its power. Aromatic herbs including, among others, thyme, rosemary and savory, add a unique flavour to your dish and can enhance the taste of meat, fish and vegetables. Infusions are made from herbs such as mallow flowers, lemon balm and marigold, which are kept whole to preserve their properties. Herbal teas are also made from whole flowers and leaves and are ideal for several occasions, such as after a meal or before going to bed. Lastly, flavoured salts combine whole salt with fresh aromatic herbs with incredible olfactory features.


Fattoria Cuore Verde is a small farm founded in 2006 in the heart of the Casentino valley, in Tuscany. This company applies an organic and biodynamic farming approach, creating balance between the soil, the microbial world, insects and animals. Each of these elements works in harmony with the environment to make food strengthening the metabolism and feeding body and soul. By using biodynamic preparations and by making humus, soil fertility is maintained and increased and water, pesticide and fertiliser consumption is reduced to the strict minimum. In order to maintain soil fertility, the farmer lets natural processes develop, by properly rotating crops according to nature and the biodynamic calendar which also takes into account the influence of the moon on the crops.


The main aim of the company is making food resulting in balanced, physical and spiritual development. To this extent, biodynamic agriculture is essential. Worldwide certification bodies, such as Demeter specialised in biodynamic products and the European label for organic products, asses the company’s organic and biodynamic products, in order to always guarantee top quality. The use of self-produced ingredients, constant monitoring and full transparency are key to make unique foodstuffs that ensure the wellbeing of the body and of the earth.