The Frisino farm was founded in 1984 in Apulia, in the province of Taranto, where it cultivates orchards and olive tree groves in a unique environment, in between ancient stone farms, dry-stone walls and century-old olive trees. It is a family business: Maria, Francesco and Flavia Frisino work together, sharing their passion and devotion to this land. The precious fruits of this land are preserved, picked and processed according to tradition, following a ritual-like process. Through their olive oils, the Frisino farm tells a story made of passion and respect for these extraordinary olive trees and the fruits of the earth. Only by combining hard work, passion and devotion can one obtain a high-quality extra virgin olive oil. the company combines the love for their land with pioneering technology in order to be able to offer first-quality genuine products.
This land, where time seems to have stopped, yields extra virgin olive oil, the protagonist of the Mediterranean diet. Besides its unique taste, this oil also has highly beneficial nutritional properties and is able to combine the pleasure of taste with physical wellbeing. Thanks to these characteristics and its versatility, olive oil rose to international fame and now there are many olive oil versions available on the market. That being said, only the Apulian olive varieties produce high-quality oils that can satisfy even the most demanding palates and accompany sophisticated dishes. Frisino oil is available in different varieties, such as intense fruity and medium fruity, which enhance different sensory properties and nuances of olives.

The company also produces Leccino olives, a very famous and versatile variety with a delicate flavour, as well as sundried tomatoes to be served with your dishes to enhance flavour and put a little bit of Apulia on your table.