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The recipes created by the company Le Chicche del Casentino are the result of long studies and countless tests. they are all tasted and perfected to create really unique products. The vegetables packed in oil by Le Chicche del Casentino are preserved in extra virgin olive oil and as such, don’t need to be drained. Jams are prepared exclusively with fruit pulp and juice without any colouring or preservatives. However, the most important feature of this company’s products is their vitality: once fruits are picked, the final product is packaged shortly thereafter. Fruits and vegetables are harvested only a couple of minutes before being processed, in order to guarantee absolute freshness and an unaltered flavour.

The story of Le Chicche del Casentino began in 2010, when, after having looked for an uncontaminated place for their project for a long time, the company founders landed in the Casentino forests. They came upon endless green plains, majestic trees and pure streams as well as absolute silence. That’s the spectacular landscape enveloping this company, whose mission is to honour the fruits of this land by creating genuine products to enjoy and share. The company was born out of a mix of passion, originality and love for nature and has since gained popularity and appreciation among Italian families.
The company estate covers around 80 hectares, where the majority of fruits and vegetables used for jellies, juices and jams are cultivated, meaning that all products are genuine. Every production step, from harvest to potting, is exclusively handmade in order to always guarantee the best quality. The company also owns a professional under vacuum cooking machine - to avoid sugar caramelisation - and employs sterilisation and pasteurisation methods to ensure an accurate production process in total respect of health and safety regulations.