Pasticcerie Sinatti makes traditional confections from Siena, following old recipes belonging to the peasant tradition. This company combines experience and professionalism with tested processing techniques, in order to make genuine products with an incredible taste. Pasticcerie Sinatti implements a careful production cycle which is always focused on the end product’s quality. It is a cycle that constantly repeats itself, while at same time renovating itself. As a matter of fact, a sprinkle of creativity is always added to traditional recipes to offer the finest products with new flavours, as well as truly unforgettable moments.

Siena is particularly rich in traditions and customs that are still deeply rooted in the city’s daily life; this heritage is passed down to newer generations. Typical confections from this city, such as Panforte, Cavallucci, Ricciarelli or even Ossi di morto and many more specialties, belong to century-old traditions. Their fame has long expanded far beyond the city’s boundaries and they are now internationally beloved. Although they are mainly Christmas desserts, they are so genuine and delicious that they deserve to be eaten all year round. It would be a pity to only eat them, when you put up the Christmas tree!