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The Thogan Porri family, of peasant origin, has always produced cold cuts for family needs and, as was tradition, in particular salami. The charcuterie factory was founded in 1967 in a tiny workshop in the hamlet of Casa Zanellino, in the municipality of Valverde in the province of Pavia, with the aim of supplying the family charcuterie in Voghera, founded and managed by the determination and passion of grandmother Maria. The quality and the genuineness of the products increase the demand also outside the circle of the usual Customers so that, in 1988, the activity is transferred to a larger and more modern laboratory in the hamlet of Casa d'Agosto, in the municipality of Valverde, where the wholesale sale is also started and then moved in 2001 to the new factory of Cecima, Casa Cucchi locality, in the heart of the Staffora Valley.

The charcuterie factory has the CE mark and all the most modern technologies that guarantee the quality and safety of production with a careful eye to absolute respect for tradition and quality without compromise, from the choice and use of ingredients to the processing stages and, above all, the right timing of maturation of its products of excellence.

The cured meats are the result of a meticulous research in the wake of the most authentic peasant tradition. Much care and attention is devoted to the selection of meat from mature pigs born and reared in Lombardy and Emilia Romagna.

The processing is exclusively artisan, the recipes are the same as always, the ingredients are genuine, natural and no chemical additives are used. All the cured meats are stuffed into natural casings, tied one by one by hand, allowed to dry slowly and finally left to mature for as long as necessary. Only in this way and thanks to the particular microclimate of the area, acquire the typical scent and unmistakable flavor. In addition to the products illustrated, the true connoisseurs are offered cheek, sausage, salami for cooking, cooked salami, trotter, priest's hat and the line of "reserves".

The scent of nature and the taste of the tradition of Thogan Porri cold cuts, are found in the best delicatessens, delicatessens, butchers, food boutiques and wine bars.