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Salame di Varzi PDO - short "filzetta" - 500g

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Salame di Varzi PDO - short "filzetta" - 500g Salumificio Artigianale Thogan Porri

The short “Filzetta” salame di Varzi PDO is soft but compact and has a sweet taste and a fragrant aroma. The Thogan Porri cured meat factory strictly follows the traditional recipe created in the 1930s by the inhabitants of Varzi. The only preservative is salt, no chemical ingredient is added.

Inside, it is deep ruby-red and has a well-defined part of white fat. Thogan Porri only uses the prized cuts of the pork: leg, loin, tenderloin, neck, shoulder, jowl and belly for the fat part which never exceeds 30% of the whole mixture. The meat is ground with a medium-coarse grind and is kneaded in order to be stuffed in natural sow casings.

This excellent culinary product of the Oltrepo Pavese area ages for thirty days and is only made with the meat of adult pigs reared in Italy - in the Emilia Romagna and Lombardy regions to be more precise. The whole process is hand-made. The casings are hand-sewn, just as tradition dictates, and the aging process is completely natural. The salami are left to slowly dry and mature as long as needed. That's how these products, with the influence of the particular microclimate of the area, obtain their typical scent and unmistakable taste.
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Gluten free
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