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Sud-Ovest is a very young company from Sardinia, born in 2019 after a long experience in the tuna fishing industry. The founders of Sud-Ovest learnt how to process bluefin tuna roe and smoked fish from the best masters in the Carloforte tuna fishing port, and later applied these skills to the production of mullet cured fish roe.

Mullet fish roe, also called bottarga, is one of the most renowned Sardinian specialties in Italy and all around the world. Sud-Ovest makes this culinary delight, carefully following each step of the traditional processing method. As a matter of fact, slabs are carefully selected and salted by hand. Utter passion and attention to detail is poured in this truly unique and fully-monitored product.

Sud-Ovest constantly strives to achieve a flawless product, combining an ancient craft with technology. We could not let slip by such a little jewel of Italian gastronomy!