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Zeta Zafferano is one of those successful Italian companies which started out just for fun. It blossomed in the Tuscan countryside, just like their saffron flowers do. Three friends founded a farm in the province of Arezzo, which specialises in the cultivation and production of high-quality Tuscan saffron.

Saffron is a very delicate product which requires a lot of hard work that has be carried out exclusively by hand. Zeta Zafferano’s whole production process was conceived so as to apply a modern approach to traditional cultivation, for instance, by studying the factors influencing the cycle of vegetative growth.

The purpose is obtaining a 100% natural product. The soil on which flowers grow is fertilised naturally; the harvest and the preservation of red stigma threads are carried out by hand, very patiently and meticulously.

And then comes the essential drying step. Using pioneering tools, Zeta Zafferano checks each parameter thoroughly, so as to preserve the saffron’s incredible sensory properties as much as possible. Saffron threads, packed in glass jars, release their aroma in an exceptional way.