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"L'Aromatico" Pecorino Cheese - 325/650/1300 g

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"L'Aromatico" Pecorino Cheese - 325/650/1300 g De' Magi

"L'AROMATICO" pecorino cheese is the result of De' Magi's desire to astonish and create cheeses with new unique tastes. Andrea De' Magi was nicknamed the 'cheese alchemist', because he likes to experiment and create one-of-a-kind cheeses which are actual works of art. But that’s not all: De’ Magi’s cheeses are also renowned for their perfect aging; as a matter of fact, Andrea has built two caves on his company premises to recreate the ideal location for cheese aging, combining ancient traditional techniques with modern technologies to guarantee an excellent quality and an incredible flavour. 

To create “L'aromatico” Cheese, Andrea De' Magi uses basins made of travertine from Rapolano (close to Siena), which he fills with pecorino cheese as well as a mixture of aromatic herbs, such as juniper, laurel, rosemary, sage and wild fennel. That's how this cheese got his name "L'aromatico", the aromatic one. Its great aromatic flavour is able to penetrate well beyond the rind, where the herbs are applied, and, through ripening and fermenting, it reaches the paste, thus changing its consistency, colour and flavour, giving this cheese some extraordinary sensory properties. 

On its hard rind you can find pieces of aromatic herbs and its paste has a soft texture. "L'aromatico" gives off a very intense fermented vegetal scent, reminiscent of the smell of aromatic herbs. Its flavour, which is sweet at the beginning, becomes salty and very persistent afterwards. There’s no better cheese to show off in a tasting selection

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