Traditional baba in glass jar - 250 gr

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The rum baba is one of the most exemplary desserts of Italy’s great tradition. Originally from Naples , it soon spread to every corner of...
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    The rum baba is one of the most exemplary desserts of Italy’s great tradition. Originally from Naples, it soon spread to every corner of Italy. Thank goodness! Because when it’s done right, the rum baba is a real treat. It must be soft and fragrant, not too wet and not too sweet. It is very difficult to do it to perfection and it takes real talent to guess the right balance of sweetness and liquor.

    A talent that the confectioners of Le Mura, a real institution in terms of goodies, certainly do not miss. This baba is a true taste excellence, and for at least 3 reasons. First of all, the precious vanilla berry of Madagascar is used for the dough. The scent is incredible, sweet but intense, an abyss compared to synthetic aromas! Then, the dough is leavened for 12 hours directly in the glass jar and then baked in the oven. Once it has cooled, it is soaked in rum. Some great rum indeed! Straight from Jamaica, with an incredible aroma.

    Le Mura patisserie was founded in 2005 and since then continues to bake delights. If you pass by the historic center of Arezzo, it is a must stop! Amazing breakfasts, cakes, biscuits and leavened products to make your mouth water. The savory products are certainly no less and, to top it all, a nice selection of wines and champagne. In short, a little place that fills the heart with joy and the palate with happiness!

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