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Neapolitan tradition


After his professional chef training in Versilia, Giacomo Picariello (born in 1991) opened his Ristorante 12 in Montella (Avellino) in 2015. It just so happens that, at some point, in his restaurant a pizza chef is missing. So Giacomo rolled up his sleeves and began to knead. That’s how he discovered his love for pizza and began to devote himself to the search for the best ingredients for a lighter and tastier dough.

The real revelation, however, came to him a few months ago, when, in the midst of the pandemic, Giacomo reinvented his business and the very idea of conceiving Neapolitan pizza. Until then we had a huge gap between the Neapolitan pizza from the pizzeria - beautiful, thick, leavened - and the cardboard-tasting pizza that we can eat right at home. But is it possible to offer a high quality product for home consumption? How can you do that? And how should the dough be processed so that it can be shipped safely?

Giacomo strives to find a solution and makes it. And so the production of pizza bases in protective atmosphere begins. This packaging technology, in fact, allows to maintain all the chemical, microbiological, physical, structural and sensory properties of the food unaltered. Simply put, the pizza base packed in a protective atmosphere remains perfect as it was freshly made until you open the package, at which point it should be consumed within 3 days.

The 230 grams pizza base gives incredible satisfaction. Just season it as desired, bake it at 200° for 5 minutes and let the taste carry you away. If you close your eyes you will actually feel in the alleys of Naples. A unique taste without any effort!  And it’s going to be a success with guests!

Good, but healthy as well. Because these pizza bases only have flour, water, salt and brewer’s yeast. Giacomo uses no preservatives or leavening enhancers, because you can’t mess around with the true taste of Neapolitan pizza and changing the original recipe would be like betraying a centuries-old, almost sacred, tradition.