PDO Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania

The Azienda Agricola Tempio farm is located in the same plain as the temples of Paestum. It is an ancient place that has, however, managed to rediscover itself and properly showcase its treasures. That’s exactly what happened to buffalo farming, too. These animals were once used only to plough the fields but then, luckily, people realised that they could make exceptional cheeses from their milk. 

This farm gives priority to the welfare of buffaloes. That’s why the stables are big, modern and comfortable and the animals regularly undergo veterinarian checks. Cutting-edge milking techniques are employed to guarantee the animal welfare and milk quality.

And the milk is extraordinary! Compared to cow’s milk, buffalo’s milk is, as a matter of fact, higher in protein, fat and lactobacilli. There is a higher nutrient concentration which makes buffalo cheeses so tasty! The art of cheesemaking also plays a fundamental role. In the Tempio farm, mozzarella is still torn by hand, according to tradition.

These mozzarella cheeses are actual artworks. Whether you choose the smallest mozzarella, such as the bite-sized mozzarella balls, or the bigger ones, such as the 2-kg braided mozzarella, you will always bring the delicious cheesemaking tradition from Campania to the table. This tradition is rooted in the pasta filata (stretched curd) technique which consists in stretching the ripened curd with boiling water to turn it into long and elastic threads. Handling this curd is an actual form of art and the result is a masterpiece. 

How should one eat Mozzarella cheese? The classic pairing is with tomatoes in a nice Caprese salad, but it tastes amazing on its own, too. Pay attention to the serving temperature, though: buffalo mozzarella should only be eaten at room temperature, and never straight out of the fridge. Another tip: always leave it in its protective liquid which helps keep it soft and stretchy.