Ancient cheesemaking tradition

Caseificio Perrusio dairy was founded in Meta, in the province of Naples, in 1965 by a family. Parents, children and grand-children pour their passion into the production of traditional cheeses from Campania.

The farmers supplying the dairy with milk every day are carefully selected in order to make genuine and exceptional cheeses. Preserving the sensory properties of traditional cheeses from Campania has always been a top priority of this company, which used to make only Fior di Latte Mozzarella at its onset.

Nowadays, the main product of Caseificio Perrusio dairy is PDO Provolone del Monaco cheese, made from the outstanding milk of the Agerolese cattle breed.

Innovation and tradition meet in the dairy’s workshop where everything is handmade. You will be amazed by the way in which Provolone del Monaco is made. The manual skills of the Perrusio family are strikingly outstanding, as well as their cheesemaking knowledge. It is no wonder that they won several gold medals for the best PDO Provolone del Monaco cheese.