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Lucan cheeses 

We’re in Paternò, in the province of PotenzaThe history of the Petruzzi family is indissoluble from this land, on which 100 years ago the young dairyman Leonardo began to milk his brown cows. From father to son, from dairyman to dairyman, to this very day. 

This cheese factory is a rare gem. Grandpa Andrea was right, when he decided to focus on the quality of milk. The search for the best raw materials has – unfortunately - led the Petruzzi cheese factory to a one of a kind situation in the Italian productive landscape. The result of this research has been the creation of a network of small trustees who are less than 1 km from the laboratories.

But there’s more. This milk, as well as nearby, is also exceptional, because the cows are fed in a natural way, ie with alfalfa, hay and grass lawn. You can definitely feel the difference. This milk has nothing to do with what’s in the large distribution!

In addition, all the cheeses are handmade. Quality is preferred to quantity and limited production ensures an almost maniacal care and attention to every single block of cheese. Moreover, the whey used for the curd is natural and autochthonous. A true celebration of the great Lucan dairy tradition.

Petruzzi cheese factory’s Lucan cheeses are simply marvelous. If you ask them, they’ll tell you that milk is the secret, but it’s not that easy to explain. Behind a truly exceptional cheese is much more than this. Each slice unfolds a family’s secular experience, the respect and enhancement of the territory, the passion of those who create goodness, with their own hands.

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PDO Caciocavallo Silano cheese – 1.8kg

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