Caseus Amatrice

From the Gran Sasso National Park, all the taste of tradition

Caseus Amatrice is a part of Caseificio Storico di Amatrice, which reopened after the terrible earthquake of 2016 and has been completely renovated with state-of-the-art plants. Leading this project are the Petrucci Brothers from Rieti, who have been able to create a modern and up-to-date company while fully respecting the product traceability, the selection of the best milk and artisanal production techniques. 

The dairy farm is located within the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, in a space surrounded by nature, between a forest and the shady banks of the Tronto river, at 1000 m above sea level. The milk comes from a network of local producers and it’s processed within 24 hours from its milking, to ensure cheeses with an incomparable taste. 

In addition to the raw material, Amatrice’s dairy farm pays the utmost attention to the aging of its cheeses. In March 2019 the Fratelli Petrucci company acquired, for the aging process only, a property in Prima Porta, in the province of Rome. The medieval tower stands high above beautiful Etruscan-Roman tuff caves dating back to the first century B.C., now places of maturing for excellent cheeses. 

We are in a unique territory, also known abroad for its great gastronomic tradition. It is no coincidence that “pasta alla Gricia” and “pasta all'Amatriciana”, symbolic recipes of Italian cuisine, were born right here. The genuine raw materials and artisanal traditions, combined with a great culture of dairy products, make this corner of Italy a vital center for cheese production

Pecorino Romano cheese and Pecorino cheese from Amatrice are the dairy farm’s pride. From pristine pastures, an exceptional milk that is expertly processed to produce amazing forms. A delightful rediscovery of traditional flavors. 

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