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Pecorino cheese from Amatrice - 250 gr

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Gluten free Product for Vegetarians

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Pecorino cheese from Amatrice - 250 gr Caseus Amatrice

The Pecorino cheese from Amatrice, not to be confused with the Pecorino Romano cheese, is a supreme delicacy which maintains a unique and indivisible bond with its original territory. It is a sheep milk, full-fat, hard and long-aged kind of cheese. Pecorino cheese from Amatrice is a PAT (Traditional Agro-food Product) product, therefore it is only produced in the province of Rieti and the Amatrice territory. The production methods are very traditional: the aging process goes from 6 months to one year and the wheels, previously stewed and salted in brine, are treated on the surface with oil and vinegar.

Pecorino cheese from Amatrice’s taste truly is special. When the wheel is well aged, its paste is compact and crumbly, straw-colored. Its scent is the unmistakable one of sheep’s milk, but also recalls the vegetal scents of the pastures. The taste is intense, quiter spicy, but not too salty. This is the main difference with Pecorino Romano cheese, which has a stronger sapidity. There are endless ways to eat this delicacy, the 3 most famous ones being: on “pasta all’Amatriciana”, on “pasta alla Gricia” and on “cacio e pepe” pasta.

Caseus Amatrice is a brand by Caseificio Storico di Amatrice from the Petrucci company, which has been producing high quality dairy products for over 50 years. The factory is located within the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, in a space surrounded by nature at 1000 m above sea level. This dairy farm uses 100% Italian milk, only from Amatrice and the surrounding areas and it is processed within 24 hours from its collection. Traditional recipes, craftsmanship, skilful seasoning: an absolute guarantee of excellence.

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Gluten free
Product for Vegetarians



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